Our Values


KEIPhone advocates gender equity as a fundamental human right; it is the keystone to a prosperous and healthy economy that provides sustainable inclusive growth.  Addressing the digital gender divide means acknowledging and rectifying the deep-rooted social norms that reinforce and deepen that divide.  


Data is shaping the future.  Governments and agencies use data to improve public policy, design products and services for consumers, and track progress in meeting the Sustainable Development Goals.  But the millions of women without a data trail are invisible in these conversations.  KEIPHone makes them visible.  We share their stories and their anonymized data/data points as an avenue for their inclusion in the significant conversations of this world.


KEIPhone believes in the inherent capacity and strength of women.  That belief is evidenced in the way we address, portray, and interact with our clients and partners.  We believe in the potential for a just and equitable future, and are positive that together we can achieve that goal!


The mission of KEIPhone is to supply women with the very tool needed to improve their lives, and to provide the requisite training for that purpose.  We hold ourselves accountable for sustained growth and progress; pledging to collect, analyze, and share our impact with clients, partners and peers.  Fueled by knowledge and empowerment, impact is the heart of our business model –our standard of excellence.  

Our Client Protection Principles

Principles Principles

KEIPhone is a non-political movement that does not permit political orientated content on its platform.
Content Moderation
KEIPhone is a moderated content platform, ensuring that clients receive content that is relevant, beneficial, and appropriate in amount.

Free and Fair Competition
KEIPhone does not grant exclusive advertising rights to any firm.  Our clients are provided with a wide range of choices in firms and providers.

Fair and Respectful Treatment of Clients
KEIPhone and our agents treat all clients fairly and respectfully, without discrimination.  Safeguards are in place to detect and correct corruption.

Privacy of Client Data
The privacy of individual client data is honored in accordance with all laws and regulations of relevant jurisdictions. Outside organizations do not receive individual client data, unless requested or approved by the client.  Any shared data will be anonymized or aggregated. 

Mechanism for complaint resolution
KEIPhone provides timely and responsive mechanisms for complaints and problem resolution.  The dual purpose of these mechanisms is to resolve individual client issues and to improve our products and services.

Our Team

Lauren Hendricks

Lauren Hendricks

Lauren Hendricks is a global expert with 20 years’ experience in international development and financial inclusion.  A passionate advocate for women, she has spent her career developing innovative solutions to address critical issues faced by women in developing countries.

Ms. Hendricks has partnered with banks, microfinance institutions, mobile network operators, and others in the private sector to adapt products and services to meet the needs of the poor, and to ensure that participants benefitted from new, digital financial services.  She brings a deep understanding of the financial inclusion sector in Sub-Saharan Africa, with experience in digital financial services, payment systems, and emerging technology trends.


Ms. Hendricks is currently the CEO of Equity Group Foundation International. Prior to that she served as the Executive Vice President at Grameen Foundation, and the Executive Director of Access Africa at CARE USA.

Joseph Capito

Joseph Capito

Joseph Capito has over 10 years experience in software engineering, with a focus on Android App Development.  Experience using tech to meet development challenges, targeting inclusion for women and refugee populations.

James Cox

James Cox

Jim Cox has 20 years’ experience in livelihood and health programming globally.  He currently serves as the Chief Operating Officer of Helen Keller Intl, based in Washington, D.C. Jim has 25 years of senior management experience in the field and in the US offices of international development organizations.


Prior to HKI, he was with Lutheran World Relief- IMA World Health (LWR-IMA), where he was Executive Vice President of Health and Emergency Programs. He was Chief Operating Officer for IMA World Health for nearly five years, after serving as Country Director for IMA in Tanzania for five years.

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