Creating value for a person’s time and attention

KEIPhone is building an audience in Africa by providing free smartphones and data to the 70% of the population in Sub-Saharan Africa that is currently unconnected. KEIPhone is the first company generating revenue in Africa through lockscreen advertising and increasing access to devices. We are changing the way Africa pays for devices and data, creating a value for a person’s time and attention.

  • KEIPhone brings messages, offers and content to a whole new audience.

  • KEIPhone overcomes the biggest barriers to smartphone use: the cost of devices and the cost of data and airtime.

  • KEIPhone is able to target an audience based on their gender, age, location and occupation.

Advertise with KEIPhone


Reach over 400,000
people on KEIPhone 

On average, smartphone owners unlock their phones 150 times a day, presenting 150 opportunities for advertisers to engage with them every day.


Meet your marketing objectives 

Whether your goal is to generate leads, increase brand awareness, or even promote event registrations, KEIPhone ads can help.

Engaging Ad formats to connect with customers

Take advantage of curated formats to create attractive KEIPhone ads to reach your goals

  • Video Ads

  • Banner Ads

  • Call to Action

  • Surveys

  • Rewarded Content

  • Marketplace


Reach the right people

KEIPhone gives you lots of ways to precisely target the audiences that matter most to your business.


Set a budget that works 

The cost to advertise is up to you.

Select a budget that fits your business goals and we will stick to it.